About Us

Established in July 2002 by company director James Garrett, Vogue Shopfitting has worked in the shopfitting industry for over 20 years. During that time, we have built up strong and lasting working relationships with building companies that choose Vogue over other shopfitters because of our commitment to high-quality finishes.

Our Mission

The goal and mission of the team here at Vogue Shopfitting is to provide a high-quality finish on any project we undertake. We are passionate about our work and for us, it’s more than just what we do, it’s who we are. We don’t believe in cutting corners to save money while compromising on quality. We believe that quality and attention to detail are more important than anything else. We embrace excellence and believe that attitude and commitment are a huge part of where we are today – one of the leading names in retail and commercial shopfitting and refurbishments.

Our Services

Our Brand Values

At Vogue Shopfitting, the quality of the work we produce is very important. We are not comfortable providing work that doesn’t meet our exacting high standards.

To make sure that is always the case, all our employees are fully trained and chosen because they share our company mission and goals. As a shopfitting and refurbishment expert, we also expect each individual member of our experienced team to stay true to each of our brand values.

Our Projects



Consistency is crucial for our work. It is what has drawn companies to not only work with us once but come back and use our services again the next time they have a refurbishment or shopfitting project that needs to be completed. We guarantee that whether it’s the smallest component or detail or the largest and most obvious aspect, the same level of workmanship and high-quality materials, parts and equipment will be used.


Quality is another key brand value here at Vogue Shopfitting. Unlike other companies that will often compromise slightly when it comes to quality to increase their profits or offer more affordable services to clients, we will never forsake quality. Even in our efforts to reduce the prices for our clients, we will never offer solutions, or use equipment, materials, or parts that we know are of inferior quality.


In line with the other brand values, we have already discussed, we “embrace excellence”. From initial consultations with clients to the continued liaising that occurs throughout a project, we embrace excellence with regard to customer service. When working on projects, excellence underpins everything we do. If the finished project was anything less than excellent, we would not be satisfied with it.